Crim’s journal,

After our little adventure with the mob ship i cant stay put so i start to head out. Edmond Dantès stops me and asks me to find him someone that has a few specifics details about them. He wants a new face in case the mobs starts after us and i cant deny him that. After my first night of bar hopping with no success i think i should get some help from someone more experienced with socializing with random men but its to late and i should rethink the way im going about this.

I rest and meet everyone back at the sanctuary a.k.a the tomb keepers house. We try to come up with any more ideas about why the water is the way it is. We got nothing so we decided to try and hit some bars to find some information. We fail to find anyone that has anything useful but we have a brain storm at one of the bars and come up with one thing Promethean. I cant believe that it took us this long to come up with something so simple and the fact that it was in our head the while time does not add to my bad mood.

We have nothing to go on by this point so we then decide to search grid by grid starting at a central point in a park and spiraling outwards. We meet a cop and get to talking to him to discover that there was actually a riot 3 blocks away from where we meet/live at. We investigate using our mage sight and discover that a powerful mind type spell was cast by something. The riot consisted of people from the neighboring builds and they where all possessing of powerful emotions. It seemed to start in front of a building so we go in and ask the secretary what up with the building and we find out its an law fern. Nothing seems to special about the place and we leave empty handed and disappointed that our one lead was a bust.

We think about trying to body switch with her but Edmond Dantès would be stuck as her for about a week and would be extremely frustrating for everyone. I go to draw my knife out of frustration but realize that when i had gone looking for it after Asmodeus seemingly threw it down but i couldn’t find it that damn worm must have taken it i just realized. That fucking bastard must be using it to spy on us. I cant allow this so i head back to our place and i try and use my limited space magic to scry my knife. I get nothing but darkness so i try a combination with a light spell. I see a box written with runes that i cant make out before my spell ceases. This only confirms my suspension and it pisses me off. I wait for night fall and sneak into the basement of another apartment complex the tomb keeper uses his magic to wither the lock and i break it. I find the back up generator and flip the one switch as my blood continues to boil for what this bastard has done. I silence the sound of the generator and find the outflow that has a few sparks coming off it. I only hope that the man has the knife on him when i do this.I concentrate and use everything i have to sustain my scrying window as i pour the electric current through it the room flashes and i see nothing.

I scry my knife again and sadly all i see is a burning room. But that means the fire department will be there so we head up to our car and wait to hear any sirens. They go right by our apartment and we chase them to the place where the riot took place. I watched the front and used my mage vision to see any energies out of place. Dante took the rear along with the tomb keeper but to much time has passed to know if they had gotten out before hand. Someone ran out screaming about a terrorist so i call Dante and tell him to get in the building and that i would meet him. I tell angel to stay out front while we headed in. We went to the side of the building where the fire escape is and went up. I came in after the other two and sent a shock wave of air rushing through to clear the smoke. We found the door where the fire was and i opened it to find what i saw in my scrying window but there was a difference as i saw two bodys in the blaze i shot a fire extinguisher and found out that it was two fire fighters but some of their clothes had been stripped off. Realizing that the guy we need is dressed like a fire fighter i tell the others to get down to street level and see if they can tell any of the fire fighters are different. I push the fire out of the room some so that it can be extinguished from the outside better.

I head down the stairs and keep my mage sight on them so i can tell any differences from sleepers. I find nothing watching the others in the stair way and i find a mob rushing through the building entrances. I try and push myself through the mob but i quickly get swept away in the emotion and i can think of nothing else but finding the one responsible for everything. Which looking back is a bit of an irony sense i started the fire. My mind cleared as i reached the level with the fire and i quickly mad my way back outside. I had no idea what was going on with everything but i knew that something was amiss and its starting to really piss me off.

we noticed that one of the fire trucks had taken off while we where inside. He hit Dantes car and started driving knowing that we had missed whoever we needed to tell us what the bloody hell was going on. He heard over the radio that the fire truck had been spotted near one of the parks so we hit it. Dante inspected it while i searched it for latent magical signatures but we found nothing. God this is irritating, no matter what we do we are always one step behind and i want nothing more but to stick the barrel of my gun into the bastered that keeps eluding us.


Schism of the Gods Among Men Crim