Edmond Dantès

Excerpts from Edmond’s personal journal

Known Information (data accurate as of 5/29/7):
Edmond Dantès is the name of a criminal investigator that died several years ago by committing suicide. It is currently used as an alias by an up-and-coming investigator by the name of Jason Holmes.

The connection of the name to the Alexandre Dumas character appear to be coincidental.

Classified File:
Edmond Dantès, aka Jason Holmes, appears to have stumbled upon the criminal activities of still as of yet unidentified mages several years ago. During his investigation, he pocketed a book that the mages had appearantly been researching. Some time later, he discovered through the text the power to switch bodies via latent magic power. He has since been inducted as an unofficial member of the Guardians of the Veil, as his power merits being kept in check.

When asked about the status of the book, he had since burned the text to ash upon memorizing its secrets.

Over the years, he has swapped on a temporary basis for simple infiltration missions in which arrest or capture was inevitable, the simple removal of a magical amulet ending the switch returning Edmond to safety along with his gathered information. He appears to have disdain for losing the familiarity of his body, and has requested that his assignments be similar to his current form.

He has permanently swapped twice into teenage boys and again aspired to become an investigator. His previous bodies had both gone mad and committed suicide. The guilt has led him to discard some of his humanity, and his is labeled as a risk due to his disregard for human life once his body becomes inconvenient and requires replacing. The Guardian’s of the Veil has assigned a chaperon to oversee his actions, and see that he doesn’t become too great a risk.

Attatched photos:
Alias of choice, Jason Holmes.
Within the body of Angel on the night of 5/11/7.
In the body of Debbie Griggs, dated 5/28/7.

Current Status:
In his reckless pursuit of Asmodeus, he has taken the body of one Debbie Griggs in the attempt to both question her as well as if necessary impersonate her due to his belief in that she has some connection to Asmodeus.

His body however was compromised as his cohorts failed to keep it secure. Now in the possession of the vampire community, Edmond must work for them in order to have his body returned. Edmond has shown signifigant instability in dealing with his new body, moreso than his recorded mental stability issues recorded during his time possessing two women we had him impersonate on short-term recon missions.

Not only is his erratic behavior on the rise, but his guardian has gone MIA therefore we cannot properly observe him. While we feel confident in his loyalties (accepting our requests with little complaints and fairly smooth results) we do need to have him monitored. We believe his stories on how he came to use magic false, and fear he may spontaneously come to possess even more powerful magic.

Character Sheet

Name Age Player
Edmond Dantès approx. 100 Matt Gibson
Concept Virtue Vice
Curmudgeonly Investigator Justice Greed
Intelligence 2 Strength 1 Presence 1
Wits 4 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 5
Resolve 2 Stamina 2 Composure 3
Health 7
Willpower 5
Morality 3
Size 5
Speed 9
Initiative Mod 6
Defense 3
Armor 0
Mental Skills
Investigation (forensics) 0
Medicine (diagnostics)
Occult 0
Physical Skills
Stealth 0
Social Skills
Animal Ken
Subterfuge(impersonation) 0
Theft of the Sublime
Luck Drain 0

Edmond Dantès

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