I decided to sleep in. I couldn’t work in my “condition” anyway. I stirred to look a the clock upon the nightstand. Nine. Ugh, I have to face myself anyway. Getting up, I looked through the clothes provided to me. Tight jeans and a t-shirt designed to show curves. Thanks guys. I did smile seeing tennis shoes though. Thank goodness for the little things.

Leaving the room I slept in I was disappointed to find the others had already left. I didn’t really want company like this, but I did want to see my body. Plopping down on the couch I tried to ignore my plight and watch some crappy daytime TV. Didn’t get to watch much though as Rand came in to inform me of another awakening. I felt like the hero of those old RPG games: the only one who could save the world.

Turns out the guy was hospitalized. And the hospital is chock full of vampires. Lucky me! Me and Rand had trouble formulating a rescue operation. Myself, having to pose as Nadia, had trouble on account of her leaving her ID at the club. I tried calling, hoping she’d been fired so I could pick up her ID and such. No success though, but I was surprised to find how easy it was to pass off like this. Damn, I’m good.

Plan A was simple: I’d be dropped off, run in to pick up the mage, then leave. First though, I needed more information. I tracked down and put my investigative mind to work. It took an embarrassing amount of time to get my facts straight though. Dammit, this bimbo body is rubbing off on my mind!

Once in, I tried my best to look inconspicuous. I found it working TOO well howver, as I had trouble garnering attention from reception. In this body? That was the one GOOD thing about it. At any rate, slipping into my Angel persona, I got the information I needed and headed to the mage’s room taking the least populated yet most direct path I could, and was embarrassed at how much better this body was at taking the stairs than mine, then was grossed out at what her stamina implied.

I arrived at his room, the door ajar, and knocked tenuously. Once again my sexy body’s ability to grab attention had faltered. Leaning forward to give him a good view along with Angel’s honeyed voice did the trick. Shacking off that air-headed persona, I managed to coax him into escaping with me, though I had to don my Angel persona once again to help get his attending to release us without trouble.

Though we were delayed, we managed to rendezvous with Rand without trouble, although I was mentally exhausted from putting myself in such risk. I mastered stealing bodies to prolong my life, not succumb to an early grave.

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