Crim’s journal,

I arrive at Cassandras place and we tell her the story. She leaves to confirm and find out some things while we wait at her place. She comes back into the room and locks the door behind her. I dont like this even before she starts telling us how much trouble we are in while trying to accomplish our shit. She tells us that the prince is on his way to talk to us and i am beginning to like the idea of getting the hell out of here more and more. Im on the edge of trying to take her out and make an escape but a representative of the prince walks in and we take a ride in his limo after we give up our weapons.

Just looking at this vampire lord makes me want to fry his white skinned ass. I tell this suck head what we have been up to and why. If he says one thing to piss me off im going to wipe the smirk off his face with one hell of a sunburn. He tells us that he has Dante’s body and that he is secure for the time being. He says if we do a few nights of patrol with some others that he will forgive us of our misdeeds. God i want to set fire to his pretty little face but we agree and separate to gather what we will need. The life mage and dante go to her cave to do whatever. The rest come with me to stay in my apartment. I go to my gun shop and grab some silencers as well as some silver bullets from the guy seeing as we will be meeting some werewolf’s for out patrols.

We meet at a waffle house and i want to continue our search for the Promethean but we have no leads and nothing to go on. We kill time and go hunting thinking it a good idea to get on good terms with the werewolf’s by bringing a fresh kill. Its getting dark so i give the group dark-vision and then silence them so that we can sneak up on the deer. We use angel to track and me and dante take aim to shoot. It takes a few times but we eventually get one and tie it to our car. We head to the meeting location and we see a mugging going on down an ally. We advance and the guy takes off. We kill him and the girl bolts.The tomb keeper starts talking to a spirit that comes out of the trash.The spirit wants us to get the body out of its territory. Dante and the tomb keeper animate the body and get it to walk in the rode in front of a car. After a quick 911 call its gone and we are back to talking to a trash spirit. We turn back and the spirit is gone. I decide to levitate to the top of the building and i see something coming and head back down. I land and a young boy lands right next to me with blue hair. Im thinking this is one of the guys we are meeting so we head back to the car. We introduce ourselves and tell him we have a snack for him and his peoples.

We drag the tarp with the deer inside the Ally and soon his allies join and its a feast as we talk about what we did to get here. We try to come up with a way of communicating between the two groups but we aren’t powerfully enough right now to do much. So we decide to destroy a gang plaguing the area for fun. We set up in a one way ally getting crossfire and a few surprises all around. The werewolf’s lure them in and we wast no time taking them out left and right. Its over in less then a minute and the carnage is awesome to behold. We quickly move to get rid of the body’s before we are caught by the cops.


Schism of the Gods Among Men Crim