Crims journal,

After the incident with the fire i was left in a bad mood, as just about everything slipped through our fingers. The only thing that we got out of it all was a bunch of records and photos that the secretary had left and Dantes had taken in the confusion of the mob.

Rand is still missing and i have failed in my attempts to scry him or find anything of his to use for a scrying window. None of the others seem to worried about it but this could turn ugly. After me and dante pour over the information we collect we find nothing useful.Even if our enemy is mentioned in any of the information he would be using a different name and so its all for naught. We decide To interrogate the secretary and see what she knows so dante starts his ritual to body switch while i watch his body. They switch and she starts freaking out as she realizes something is horribly wrong.

I wave my gun in her face and tell her to remain calm or things will turn ugly. She only starts to freak out more but angel comes and tries to calm her but she bolts for the door. “Damn it all” i think as i try to close the door as she opens it.I dont quite get there in time but i manager to close the door enough to wedge her in it. The tomb keeper jumps on her and tries to subdue her, for all i can do is keep her in the door way. I try to kinetically grab her to throw her back in the apartment but i fail and she slides a little more out the door. i think angel is hitting her with mind blasts sense shes twitching a bit. “This is getting ridiculous” I think as i aim another telekinetic blast at her back. I miss and smack the tomb keeper in the face as she slips free from both him and the door.

“If she escapes everyone will find out about us. I don’t want this to end i don’t want to be hunted damn it.” I think to himself as i watches the girl in dantes body run down the hall a little. Tomb keeper and angel run after her as i draw my other gun and take aim. I fire two shots and clip her enough to bring her down. They bring her in as i wash the walls with bleach. “I cant leave any evidence, i must clean this up.” His mind races as i heads back into the room and they are patching him up. As soon as the life mages heals her she bolts again. “That’s fucking it.” Crim thinks as he pistol-whips her in the face knocking her out again. “Now stay down and shut up you peace of trash.” I think as he brings her into the kitchen and ties her up. SWAT knocks on the door and hearing no response they begin to knock the door down. “Shit its happening i must get away” I think as i send a kinetic blast to knock a wall of books out from the window. I prepare to jump and try to slow my velocity from the fall down but i dont know how successful i can be. Another idea hits me and i tell everyone to quit and i begin to cast. I bestow invisibility on everyone just as they bust down the door. I cant move much in fear of them discovering me. All i want to do right now is run or start shooting the pricks but im paralyzed with fear of being discovered and hunted.

After a while i calm down and begin to cast again as the people are going from room to room and only a guard at the door and hes faced the wrong way. I boost my speed by three and im nothing but a blur as im suddenly by the stairs.I give the cop guarding the door a little wave as i run down the stairs. I dismiss my speed as i make my way on the streets and i rush to my apartment thinking someones watching me the whole time. As soon as i get in the door its like a weight being lifted from me as i realize that i must have been under a derangement. I go and get in my car and head to Cassandras as i realize that everyone else would have went there.


Schism of the Gods Among Men Crim