August 15

Today I awoke after what i am told was a 3 month coma but it was to a world I had never dreamed of, yet one that was comfortably close to the one i remember. Three months…was it really so short a time? it feels like i spent years asleep for surely where i was has to have been a dream.

There is no place on earth like where I have been. The best words I can use to describe it is … alluring. Beauty so great that you cannot look away but, therein lies the danger.The world i awakened to is drab and dull in comparison to the fae realm from which I narrowly escaped.

It seems to me I was there for many years working in servitude due to hastily sworn oaths offered in fear and ignorance.There I served what most men would call God. Though the name I was given to call him was Oberon. He radiated with a power that I can only describe as Godlike a power only matched by the coldness he seemed to radiate along with it. But as I came to learn the world of the fae is never as it seems.In sharp contrast to Oberon there was what can only be described as beauty incarnate. Her name is Titania and she is more lovely than words have been invented to describe. unlike her beloved she radiates a warmth that could make the sun envious. I will not lie I love her more dearly than i have ever loved anything…i would die for her in one instant should she wish it.

As i was saying years i spent in Oberons service fufilling tasks too menial and bothersome for the fae of the court to bother with. It was not until the night of the Great Ball some four maybe five odd years into this servitude that i found the means to escape my prison, and grand and lovely though it was twas a prison all the same, it came in the form of a deal as all things do. The lady titania called for me specifically by the name which i shall never again utter for it is the name of my soul that which binds all that is me. She said that i had done well in my fufilling the oath i had sworn and that soon i would be free to go home, yet i could not go back if i had only the power i had left with. So she made me a deal i would go home and awaken to a world that was vastly different than the one i left with powers most mortals believe beyond the ken of human understanding but, i was to use those powers to find my way back to the fae realm in body as well as spirit that i may server her majesty in greater power. I accepted immediately for i would have gladly done all she had required of me with no promise of freedom or reward her beauty is that great.

So the deal was struck and wrote my name upon a contract that would forever bind me. i awoke in a hospital to a man i had never seen before sitting beside my bed and the oddest wake call i had ever known. “Welcome back to the Lie” He said “Allow me to show you the truths you never knew you could know.”


Schism of the Gods Among Men lonewolfbro