Astride a pale Camero

march 28

I am a fool. worse yet I am a prideful fool. I who thought I knew so much now realize I know so very little. perhaps it is well that i shall not see her again for i have not deserved my queens trust. Though i did not know better I would swear that she does not exist I can think of no other reason for my own continued life in this world that is a dark place indeed.

Recently i learned just how dark it could be. i write this now as a reminder to myself of the hubris and pride which lead to my downfall and almost my demise.

It all started as most things in my life do with a chance meeting. During a search for meaningful ties to my fate I met an old necromancer known as Thanatos who was tangled up in my skein like a butterfly in a spider web. I could not see how but he was part of the pattern I could not ignore.

Several days of pestering brought me no closer to answers till one day tired of my endless questions he said something that struck a chord “Wendy has been looking for you”.

Astride a pale Camero

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