November 23

Blast that old man. leaving me alone right as he begins to divulge the more powerful secrets of the mysteries! I am no child to be tempted with what i desire then lead on to nothing! Fool that i am i had believed that i would have longer to plumb the depths of his knowledge. “You will survive now.” He said “All else must be done on your own for i am not your nurse maid nor your guardian.” and with that he was gone.

Left alone i had no idea what i would do. Wandering around this “fallen world” in search of what he called the “Ultimate Truth” did not seem to be my cup of tea. It was not like i was without resources in the mortal world at least. A million dollars properly invested meant i had no issues when it came to capital. When it came to the world of the awakened though i was a very small fish in a pond that was akin to an ocean.

So i did what i did as of late whenever my road came to a crossroads i cast my fate in with the magic that was my very soul and let the grand tapestry guide me. Though i never imagined it would guide me to a mage named Damalwrath. He is to be my instructor and mentor in the times to come until how did he put it “you wont get yourself killed stupidly” were the words i believe.

So soon i began my apprenticeship to Damalwrath a master who while quite willing to let me kill myself made it a bit more difficult for the others to use me for that he gains my grudging respect. It was a short apprenticeship as my former guide had taught almost all an adept could wish to know…well there is no end to the thirst for knowledge because thats the nature of the game but, near enough.

So it is i sit and right this log a newly ordained member of the “free council” with whom i apparently am quite a fun new toy. Perhaps someday i will be the puppet master.


Schism of the Gods Among Men lonewolfbro