Schism of the Gods Among Men

Awakenings (Aug 30, 2009)

This is one session to help orientate my players by letting them get to know their characters by rp’ing their awakening.

Bryne Garett (Crim) – A freelance investigator/body guard. Hired by Dennis for unknown reasons. After making his way to the Welson Apartment complex, where Dennis resided, he found the given room number on the 14th floor (13th for those who really know). Before he could even knock, an explosion knocked him unconscious.

To Bryne, he was blown through the wall to an inevitable death. During free fall, he witnessed an angel come down from the heavens and offer a hand to save him. He took it. The angel carried him towards the sky, laying onto him the story of an epic battle with demons that was being waged in the sky. Bryne’s Help was needed, as was the countless numbers of other warriors that were being brought to this battleground in the heavens. He then descended upon the back lines of the celestial field for preperation for an arrowhead formation assualt to reclaim a tower that resonated in great power.

After being outfited with a sword and shield uppon request, he was informed on battle plans. After enough soldiers had been gathered and outfitted as well, they set out to the front lines. The battle ensued for the watch tower. celestial solders died, but more of the enemy parished. Through a massacre of demons, the arrow hit its mark. Bryne made his way inside to secure the tower, sacrificing his twin pistols that were the strangely the key to the tower. After clearing the tower, he found an open book. He saw the names of great warriors in this book, seeing an empty space and pen nearby…. he wrote his name.

He awakens from his reverie, strangely realizing he was not harmed from the blast from the apartment.

Ma’iitosh – A Native American midwife, She lives on a reservation on the edge of town. During a Peyote trip, she wonders into the forest like never seen before. Interactions with spirits of the land enlightens her to a “higher” calling (figuretively speaking, lol). A creature that feasts on the local spirits chases her deeper into the forest. After ditching the crazed beast, she gets lost. She then journeys through to the watchtower after some more interactions with the unsavory denizens of the realm to awaken.

(Angel) – A sleeper stripper making her living at the Abbatoir, awakens one night while dancing on stage. She halucinates her darkest nightmares and breaksdown during the middle of a show. A warpath ensues as she runs in terror, harming the living nightmares that try to stop her. Little does she know of the damage she cause to those coworkers trying to help her. She ventures to the watchtower in pursuit of a safe place to hide and she finds it. Once she finds safety, she comes to, puzzled as to how she came to be in an empty apartment… and the image of a smoldering building in the distance.

aion christopher – A professor in the occult, teaching a class at the local community college. As quite the book worm, he frequents his favorite bookstore to one day find a book, that seems to be a rare find. Estatic to have found such a treasure, buys it and eagerly takes it home to study. As he gets back to his apartment at the Welson complex, he doesnt even make it off the elevator before an explosion emanates on a floor seemingly above him. In that moment, he is jolted by what seems like the the cry of the dead. The sensation overwhelms him and he blacks out. He awakens to his journey to the stygian watchtower. When he comes to, he is in the back of an ambulance as a tampled victim of the evacuation attempt of the “terrorist” attack on the Welson complex.


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