John McAllister (Puck)

A jackass of all trades as fickle as lady luck


John is a tall and thin man with slicked back black hair and a penchant for purple armani vests and pants. He knows hes well off and likes to play the part.


John McAllister lived the majority of his life in what most would call the average home. He never truly excelled at anything but neither did he fall short. Yes all in all John was unamazingly average. Until well into his 20s he did something he never thought he would do. He bought a lottery ticket. Now john no real hope that he would win anything but it was simply something different. He scratched the ticket and much to his suprise won a cold hard million. It was on that same day life turned upside down. He rushed home to call his girlfriend Wendy only to arrive home to a somber looking woman at his door. It was Cathy Wendy’s mom. Immediately John was certain something was wrong. He was right, Wendy was dead. She had been out in a thunderstorm bringing in the dog when she was struck down by a bolt of lightning. John’s mind couldn’t handle the stress and he went into a shock induced coma and awoke to a world vastly different from the one he left.

John McAllister (Puck)

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