Bryne Garett

duel wielding pistal force mage


Bryne is a middle aged man that caries two light hand guns and many other items that could come in handy. He wears a suit with a loose tie and a knife strapped to his ankle. He loves a good fight even if it gets him a bit messed up.


Bryne grew up in Chicago and worked as a private investigator/mercenary. He has done anything from assassinations to body guard jobs as well as spying on husbands and wifes. He had volunteered to serve in the marines as a gunny for ground support. After he got wounded in a battle it left him weakened. He was honorably discharged from service and went back to Chicago where he started his old job back up. After a little while he was hired by a client called Dennis but when he showed up at his apartment the door blew up in his face. After a little celestial war against demons he wound back up at the apartment unscathed and nothing had been the same sense.

Bryne Garett

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