Schism of the Gods Among Men

Slave Trader Rodeo

The mages of the party are sent of to Cassandra’s Vissions bookstore to be taught by Taliesin. Over 2 weeks, the party gathers at the store to learn about their abilities and capabilities.

During this time, they find out about a mysterious phenomenon. A very large portion of Chicago is suffering from water problems. An abnormal pollutant is causing the still water to become stagnant faster, cloud up faster, take on a metallic taste, a pungant stench, and take on an oily residue. This pollutant seems to evade any current water treatment techniques. This effect seems to center around the Loop area and goes as high as Evanston and goes as low as Rainbow park, reaching out into a large chunk of Lake Michigan. The party tasks themselves out to find out whats causing it and and a way to cure it. Thier first deduction is an origin around the Navy pier.

Going to the Pier, they investigate the area to see who would be sailing around polluted waters. Most docks seemed deserted at the time, but 1 had a Yacht that had well dressed people that seemed to be partying. Just as they were ready to formulate a plan, they were interruped by the harbor master. Since having no real business, they were urged to leave the area as to avoid disturbance with the people in the area. The party then sets up surveillance nearby on the yacht, concerned that there is something fishy going on.

Nightfall comes around as the last of the party goers leaves the boat and more men start to appear around that dock. The party is concered bc these men wear dark clothing, seeming to be expensive in nature. The group comes together to act.

Bryne Garett leads the team by setting a distraction, being the master of light and sound. He paradoxs his complex spell and makes the sound of gunfire come from one side of the docks near a cargo hold and the flash of light from the “guns” come from the other. Still suitable as a distraction, the men patroling the area pull guns and scatter in either location.

aion christopher struggles for his life as he breaks free and runs, gets pursued by the same guard (in a benny hill type fashion). He takes freedom by the reigns and plunges himself into the lake and swims to safety, evading his pursuier in the polluted water.

The rest of the group make a stealthy break for the yacht during the distraction, all but one makes it. aion christopher gets tackled to the ground in his not so stealthy attempt to get on the boat. He is left for the sharks so to say…

While onboard, the party (minus 1) sneaks around for the captain’s quarters. They get around unnoticed. While they listen to the other side, someone can be heard conversing to someone else…getting louder as they listen… the door opens and noone expected what happened next…


Edmond shouts to subdue the captain as Crim opens fire on the henchman accompanying the captain. Edmond tackles low for a successful grapple, Ma’iitosh tackles mid and misses, and Rand misses at fisticuffs. The captain then reverses the grapple and puts Edmond in a vicegrip like headlock ( like so ). Combat plays out in the parties favor, Rand eventually beating the poor captain into submission(he’s my NPc, what can i say?) after the henchman is takin out by crim. Interrogation results in the owners of the yacht being the italian mafia and no connection to the polluted water. Having no real story to get their way outta this jam…thick, gooey, sticky….sweet jam….they deside to make a toasty getaway.

They encounter some of the ships crew, and crim disquises himself as one of the crew and leap frogs the party through the ship to its lower hold, tricking guards left and right. The cargo holds, a hefty amount of human slaves and Firearms (with lack of ammunition). With some quick thinking, the party free the slaves and give them the Firearms to use as blunt instruments. A riot errupts from the belly as the ship as the mob is overrun by the slaves revolt. A getaway is made under the guise of the bloody revolt. Out of the mayhem, the party (minus 1) goes back into hiding at their servellance spot. Rand calls his contacts of the guardians of the veil at request of the group to inform them of their mishap.

aion christopher gets a sample of the water from his soaked clothing, and heads over to Cassandra’s Visions’s to seek repair for his soaked book. The rest of the group then calls it a night.



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