Schism of the Gods Among Men

Happy Hunting

Rand and Edmond are tasked to seek out the newly awakened mages that are popping up around the city. Rand’s Guardian of the Veil contacts give them the info on where it approximatly happened, and they investigate. Given between 3 immediate encounters, they choose the Welson complex first.

Crim has come to….unharmed from the blast. Jolted by the expierence, he gathers his bearing and heads off to search his surroundings with gun in hand. Going upto the rooftop, he encounters 2 mages in a Vulgar fight to the death. Choosing the more sinister looking of the two, he shoots. Dennis, being the lucky one, takes the sinister mage off guard with an electric blast that sends him over the edge (literally). Dennis saves Crim the pleastries, and convinces him to evacuate with him. Things can be explained later, in a safer place. On the run a few levels lower, then encounter the sinister mage once again. After the scuffle, Dennis and crim leave the mage beaten in the halway and make a getaway. They escape the building and through the grasp of the police and medics scrambling to get medical attention to those who need it.

Angel notices the building up in smoke, then searches the abandoned apartment (still dressed in work attire). Finding nothing to explain how she arrived, she leaves. When she gets down to the lobby, she notices the police asking the worker at the front desk a few questions. As she walks closer, the worker points to her. Once the cop approaches her, she runs. A chase ensues as she makes a break for it, going up the staircases. A few close calls and she gets to the 3rd floor entrance, where she finds a figure (Asmodeus) in a suite waiting for her in the hallway. He makes his motives clear, he is going to help her escape. The cop busts in and Asmodeus waves a hand and tells him that she went up the staircase. He thanks Asmodeus as he radios in that he is still in pursuit. They waltz out the front door, unseen by the police. A limo is waiting for them, they get in and drive off.

Dennis calls rand, and designates a rendevous spot. Dennis and Crim get picked up by Rand and Edmond. Next on their list after they drop off Dennis, is some stripper that went crazy and ran from the Abbatoir. Upon arrival, Edmond talks his way into the crime scene. The head investigator on scene values his insight and allows him to search for anything of use. He snags a stilleto and sneaks it out with a set of well collected skills of the past few lifetimes…. He says his thanks & goodbyes, heading off with the group. Edmond lets them know of his abilities as a body thief (24hr time limit), needing a secluded spot to work his “magic.” Rand takes the group to a nearby parking garage. Using the stilleto as a sympathetic link, Edmond does his job (quite well, i might add)....

Edmond swaps bodys with Angel, and comes face to face with a known Seer. Edmond plays off not knowing anything about whats going on. Asmodeus gladly explains his true intentions of recruiting her to the winning side of an ancient battle for Atlantis. Edmond tries to talk his way out of joining now, and getting a ride home. The conversation soon turns to “join or die.” With a silver tongue, he(she) convinces Asmodeus that she will join, she needs to get things straight first. He respectfully accepts and pulls over to drop her(him) off on the side of the interstate.

Rand and Crim talk down Angel to understand her new predicament…being in Edmond’s body. They learn from Angel some of the sights she saw from her ride with Asmodeus. They learn that it isnt too far from their location and they can still make up some time to get Edmond (in Angels body). From Rands intel, Asmodeus is heading to the last of the 3 awakened mages at a Native American Reservation. They pick up a hitchiking Edmond (in Angel’s body, work attire and all) and head to the reservation.

Once they arrive, their nemesis has beat them to the punch. It seems he is still searching for the last mage. Crim slashes the limo’s tires while they head in. Using mind magesight, they pick up on the wierd thoughts still left by Ma’iitosh’s Awakening. They track her down and quickly explain the situation. She reluctantly decides to come temporarily. At the exit, they find Asmodeus waiting for them. Crim hurls a hidden knife into Asmodeus’s shoulder. Being outnumbered 5 to 1, he retreats with a vow to return for payback. The party makes off as fast as possible before he realizes the tires on his limo were slashed. Rands drives the group back to his sanctum to hide out over night.

Later that morning, Rand gets a call from his contacts that there is a 4th mage. He has been hospitalized due to being trampled by a crowd evacuating the Welson complex attack. Rand freaks out because the vampires and their goons have the hospital under their iron fist. Edmond does a quick background check (aka google search off of the given name). He then developes a plan using Angels body to infiltrate the hospital as a worried student of the professor. It works unnoticed, and he explains the situation to the professor. They then convince nurse and doctor to get aion christopher patched up as is his wounds are minimal now. It works and they walk out, unnoticed by any would be trouble makers. They meet up with Rand and drive back to the hide out.

The session ends with the party being given over to a Mentor to teach them how to use their abilities and learn rotes.



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