Schism of the Gods Among Men

Cult of the Body Thief

The part rests up from the fiasco the previous night. Edmond Dantès acts on the objects he picked up from Debbie Grigg’s desk. He convinces Bryne Garett to watch after his body with the rest of the group milling about the aion christopher’s lair. Edmond performs his magic to take Deb’s body.

Edmond comes to in Deb’s house (in Deb’s body). He explores her house, finding the kids home. After a perimeter search, he calls a cab to take him to the lair.

Bryne watches Edmund’s body as he performs the body swap ritual. Once the change takes place, Bryne tries to calm Deb (in Edmond’s body) down. Unsuccessful in his attempt, Nadia (Angel) steps in to assisst. They both fail in the attempt and Deb makes a break for the door. Long story short, after paradoxes and failed rolls, Deb is apprehended unconciously after being shot by a Paradoxically paranoid Bryne. They bring her back in the apartment while Aion busts out some medical tools to pull the bullets out and stitch her back up. Edmond arrives to see the beginning of the patch up work being done to his old body. Right after Aion finishes up, the cops knock on the door. After no response, they begin to try letting themselves in via force.

Bryne thinks fast and shoots his plan to make the party invisible. Once they let themselves in, the party waits for the right time to waltz their way out without vocalization and a firefight. In the staircase, they let go of brynes gift. Bryne goes back to his apartment, and the rest of the party heads over to Cassandra’s Visions bookstore.



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